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AAI ReplicaR ( Automotive Artificial Intelligence GmbH. )
NEW World's First
An automatic driving simulation software aiming to reproduce a real environment.

Scenario test
Automatic parameter extraction
Traffic flow simulation
Adopt driver model by AI
Sensor simulation
Reproduce environmental changes
Endurance test
Randomly check the function by running the car
Scenario Cloning
Creation of scenarios occur in the real environment from actual driving data

XenoLidar / XenoTrack ( XenomatiX N.V. )
NEW World's First
True-solid-state multi-beam LiDAR
With no moving parts, no MEMS mirrors, it is hard to break and the choice of installation location is expanded.
With multiple laser irradiations, many targets can be detected.
XenoLidar is a sensor detects people and objects. There are a Highway model with a 200m range and an Intercity model with a wide FOV.
XenoTrack can measure the road surface with 2mm accuracy.

Target Simulator "ASGARD1" ( UniqueSec )
NEW World's First
Auto radar reflection signal generator for on-vehicle radar and ADAS

1. Near-zero simulated distance: possible to run scenarios with pre-crash situations
2. Same number of point targets as that detected by millimeter radars
3. Angles of arrival generated with few RF circuit and 100% electronic control (June 2020)
4. Relative speed with a wide dynamic range and microdoppler compare to existing systems

AR-V2X ( Tata Elxsi )
NEW Japan's First World Premiere
Tata Elxsi's AR-V2X solution is a test bed solution to test the Device under Test(DUT). The solution makes use of the the augmented reality concept(AR) to enable the user to view the OBUs or RSUs on its path virtually and ensure the working of the DUT and its algorithms.

Automotive C50&C1 ( Spirent Communications )
C50 & C1 supports for line-rate 10/100 BroadR-Reach (100BASE-T1), 1000BASE-T1, NBASE-T (100M/1/2.5/5/10G), 1G and 10G Ethernet test ports, the C50 & C1 offers the power of a professional test tool for deterministic testing of Automotive Ethernet products and solutions.
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