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Upstream improves the safety and security of connected vehicles and services built around them by monitoring business critical events and identifying cyber threats in real-time via a centralized cloud-based analysis of multiple automotive data feeds. No installation inside the vehicles required.
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Upstream C4 Platform
NEW World's First
Upstream C4 Platform is the first cloud-based cybersecurity solution designed specifically for protecting connected vehicles and smart mobility services from cyber-attacks or misuse at rest and in motion. C4 delivers the most comprehensive automotive cybersecurity detection, automotive data aggregation and normalization, and easy-to-use tools for unprecedented protection and control.

AutoThreat Intelligence
NEW World's First
AutoThreat intelligence enhances your threat landscape visibility, with unique domain expertise specific to automotive manufacturers and connected vehicle service providers. AutoThreat provides you with domain-specific context for trends to monitor, how threat actors unique to the automotive sector behave, and where you may be most vulnerable for an attack.

Vehicle SOC Incident Response
NEW World's First
Upstream solution is used at the core of Vehicle Security Operations Centers or VSOCs. The Upstream C4 solution encompasses real-time cybersecurity detection and incident and event management (SIEM) for the entire operational network or OT assets. Upstream C4 monitors every asset in the infrastructure that can affect the connected vehicles.
Exhibitors' Presentation
Date / Time Venue Presentation Title / Abstract
Jan. 16 [Thur]
14:55 ~ 15:10
South Hall (Presentation Room at 2nd Floor) UPSTREAM SECURITY LTD.

Automotive Cyber Threat Landscape
The state of the automotive cybersecurity landscape and the benefits of a cloud-based approach.
Jan. 16 [Thur]
16:40 ~ 17:20

Securing the Connected Car from the Cloud
The presentation covers insights from our research and presents the benefits of securing connected cars from the cloud.
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