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IT/OT security solutions that support realizing secure smart factories are on display!
We introduce IoT and control system network while demonstrating including intrusion detection devices, ID-based security gateways, vulnerability risk management solutions, and MQTT simulators. Please come to our booth if you have any problems with security measures or are looking for solutions.
Exhibits Information
Nozomi Guardian ( Nozomi Networks )
Hardware IDS (Intrusion Detection Device) that realizes a secure industrial network based on IEC62443 and NIST SP 800-82 which are security standards of control systems. It quickly detects threats for control systems by visualizing the entire industrial network to a process data level in real time. Also it monitors all IP devices on the network and unitarily manages asset and vulnerability info.

MQTT simulator ( Gambit Communications )
World Premiere
A simulation tool of MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocol, which is a killer application in IoT networks. Subscribers and Publishers in MQTT can be generated up to 100,000 users, and can be used for load test and function test of MQTT applications mainly. (We also have other protocol simulations such as CoAP, Netflo, and HTTP.)

Nexpose/InsightVM ( Rapid7 )
Security vulnerability measures have changed from periodic inspection by vulnerability scan vendors (once every six months or a year) to vulnerability risk management that is constantly inspected internally.By constantly inspecting and managing vulnerabilities on PCs and servers in the factory, it can quickly detect and fix(patch)vulnerabilities so that it can strongly support factory network.

TAC Gateway/TAC-ID ( BalckRidge Technology )
World's First
TAC (Transport Access Control) gateway developed for military use, completely blocks unauthorized access by authenticating ID (identity) and applying security policy to the first packet of a network session (First Packet Authentication ( patented)). Also, ID authentication technology enables flexible and dynamic segmentation (micro-segmentation) without using VLAN.

Reveal(x) ( ExtraHop Networks )
Next-generation real-time security measures solutions that passively monitors IT/OT environment and makes full use of "wire data" and the latest AI functions. In addition to visualizing system performance in the factory, the behavior analysis function make it easy to detect and track security so that it can greatly reduce security response time.
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